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About Us

Dynamic Capital Properties LLC (DCP) is an active Investor, Manager, and Developer of Multifamily Dwelling Units throughout the Northeast United States.

DCP currently caters to working class individuals and families that have a need for an affordable place to call home. Most of our rental units rent in the range of $700.00 to $ 1,600.00 per month, depending on the unit size and location.

While many landlords and developers today are pushing rents to historic high rates and offering only “luxury” or “high-end” rentals, DCP continues to provide comfortable, affordable housing just as it always has since 1998.

If you are relocating or simply looking for a nice home that you can afford, browse our site for available locations and/or call a consultant today to see how we can help you find your new home.

If you are an investor looking for Real Estate opportunities or if you are a supplier of Property Maintenance supplies or building materials, please submit an email or fax and a representative will follow-up with you.